Can jQuery add commas while user typing numbers?

Run the code snippet to see it work $(‘input.number’).keyup(function(event) { // skip for arrow keys if(event.which >= 37 && event.which <= 40) return; // format number $(this).val(function(index, value) { return value .replace(/\D/g, “”) .replace(/\B(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, “,”) ; }); }); <script src=””></script> <input class=”number”>

adding pixels to jquery .css() left property

As of jQuery 1.6, you can do this most easily by simply adding or subtracting from the current value. For example, to add 150px: $(this).css(“left”, “+=150”) As of jQuery 1.6, .css() accepts relative values similar to .animate(). Relative values are a string starting with += or -= to increment or decrement the current value. … Read more

Sum of values from different divs with the same class

For <div> Elements: var sum = 0; $(‘.totalprice’).each(function(){ sum += parseFloat($(this).text()); // Or this.innerHTML, this.innerText }); You can see a working example of this here For <input> Elements (inputs, checkboxes, etc.): var sum = 0; $(‘.totalprice’).each(function(){ sum += parseFloat(this.value); }); Alternatively, if you are looking for an integer, you can use the parseInt() function. You … Read more