Tortoisegit undo last commit into the repo

If you haven’t pushed your changes yet (so your commit is only local)

  1. TortoiseGit -> Show log
  2. Select the commit to which you want to rollback to
  3. Reset "<branch>" to this...

If you have, then this can still be done, but then you’d have to also do a force-push (check “overwrite known changes1).

1 The “overwrite known changes” flag will replace the already pushed commit with a new one. If there is a chance that someone already fetched the commit that you’re replacing, don’t use this feature, otherwise doing so will create a fork in the history with two conflicting truths.

There is also a shortcut for when you want to just (1) redo the last commit and (2) you haven’t pushed it yet:

  1. Commit -> Check “Amend Last Commit

That will replace the last commit with a new one. But I don’t recommend using this – if the last commit is already pushed, you can end up with a big mess. TortoiseGit will not stop you here.

By doing a Reset you are forced to have a look at the log, and there you see if the commit is local or not.

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