Why are some textboxes not accepting Control + A shortcut to select all by default

You might be looking for the ShortcutsEnabled property. Setting it to true would allow your text boxes to implement the Ctrl+A shortcut (among others). From the documentation:

Use the ShortcutsEnabled property to
enable or disable the following
shortcut key combinations:

  • CTRL+Z

  • CTRL+E

  • CTRL+C

  • CTRL+Y

  • CTRL+X


  • CTRL+V


  • CTRL+A


  • CTRL+L


  • CTRL+R

However, the documentation states:

The TextBox control does not support the CTRL+A shortcut key when the Multiline property value is true.

You will probably have to use another subclass of TextBoxBase, such as RichTextBox, for that to work.

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