Why does React warn against an contentEditable component having children managed by React?

Setting the contenteditable html attribute allows the contents of that element to be modified in the browser. React is warning you that you have children within that element that are managed by React. React only works from the top down. Meaning it manages a model at the top level and maintains a virtual DOM representing that data, then renders the DOM tree based on that virtual DOM. Any changes you make to the DOM outside of React (such as setting contenteditable and allowing the content to be edited by a user directly in the browser) will be potentially blown away or cause problems for React when it goes to update those managed elements.

In your situation you don’t care that the {this.props.children} node gets blown away because you know you’re catching the changes and doing what you need to with it. It’s just warning you that you better not expect that node to remain intact and accurately updated by React when you’re letting the content be edited by the browser directly.

If you know what you’re doing (and for now it looks like you do) then you can suppress that warning by adding suppressContentEditableWarning={true}.

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