Github: Find PRs where user is a reviewer

As of 2017-01-23, Github have added this functionality.


You can filter pull requests based their review status (none,
required, approved, changes requested, or required), by reviewer, and
by requested reviewer. For example:

type:pr review:none
Matches pull requests that have not been reviewed.

type:pr review:required
Matches pull requests that require a review before they can be merged.

type:pr review:approved
Matches pull requests that a reviewer has approved.

type:pr review:changes_requested
Matches pull requests in which a reviewer has asked for changes.

type:pr reviewed-by:gjtorikian
Matches pull requests reviewed by a particular person.

type:pr review-requested:benbalter
Matches pull requests a particular person has been asked to review.

Personal PRs

A new tab can be seen on personal PR page

Project PRs (e.g. Symfony)

A new filter can be seen on the project PR page e.g.

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