For loop – like Python range function

Java 8 (2014) has added IntStream (similar to apache commons IntRange), so you don’t need external lib now. import; IntStream.range(0, 3).forEachOrdered(n -> { System.out.println(n); }); forEach can be used in place of forEachOrdered too if order is not important. IntStream.range(0, 3).parallel() can be used for loops to run in parallel

Making my function calculate average of array Swift

You should use the reduce method to sum your sequence elements as follow: Xcode Xcode 10.2+ • Swift 5 or later extension Sequence where Element: AdditiveArithmetic { /// Returns the total sum of all elements in the sequence func sum() -> Element { reduce(.zero, +) } } extension Collection where Element: BinaryInteger { /// Returns … Read more

Patterns or practices for unit testing methods that call a static method

Using dependency injection (either option 2 or 4) is definitely my preferred method of attacking this. Not only does it make testing easier it helps to separate concerns and keep classes from getting bloated. A clarification I need to make though is it is not true that static methods are hard to test. The problem … Read more

bash functions: enclosing the body in braces vs. parentheses

Why are braces used by default to enclose the function body instead of parentheses? The body of a function can be any compound command. This is typically { list; }, but three other forms of compound commands are technically allowed: (list), ((expression)), and [[ expression ]]. C and languages in the C family like C++, … Read more

No function matches the given name and argument types

Your function has a couple of smallint parameters. But in the call, you are using numeric literals that are presumed to be type integer. A string literal or string constant (‘123’) is not typed immediately. It remains type “unknown” until assigned or cast explicitly. However, a numeric literal or numeric constant is typed immediately. The … Read more