-bash: sequelize: command not found

The reason is: sequelize is not installed globally on your cli. To get sequelize access to all your cli just do. npm install -g sequelize-cli The ‘-g’ means global this will allow you to access sequelize command anywhere in your app directory. After that you can do eg: sequelize model:generate –name User –attributes firstName:string,lastName:string,email:string,password:string

How to prevent node-gyp from downloading node-headers.tar.gz and node.lib from internet?

For those running on Windows where –tarball is useless because node-gyp subsequently wants to download the node.lib file… Here was my solution, hope to help anyone else stuck behind corporate barriers. I’m using v16.2.0 as an example, so swap with your appropriate node version. Create a folder you’re happy to house 16.2.0 data and point … Read more

What is the “S” in “npm i -S” [duplicate]

The ‘S’ option is the Save option in npm. It adds the npm package to your dependencies for your project. You can also add the dependency manually by editing the package.json file. To answer your question about getting help for npm, use the following command: npm help i That will give you a description of … Read more

Should I have Travis cache node_modules or $HOME/.npm

I noticed caching the node_modules folder caused problems (build fails) while caching the .npm cache avoided it. I believe it’s because the .npm cache doesn’t store compiled native modules while the node_modules folder does. So when you test different versions of node, as is common in Travis-CI, it will try to load a native module … Read more

npm install: when to use –no-bin-links?

One scenario that I can think of is working with a virtual machine (i.e. vagrant w/ virtual box or VMware) on windows host. You can’t translate symlinks to a synchronized folder on Windows share, so you will need this option to go around it. Use it for any filesystem that doesn’t support symbolic links.