How to make IntelliJ IDEA recognise code created by macros?

With the latest Scala plugin build, there is an API which can be used to write your own plugin to support your macros: Now, everyone can use this API to make their macros more friendly to their favorite IDE. To do that, you have to implement SyntheticMembersInjector, and register it in the plugin.xml file: … Read more

How to create named code blocks in Intellij?

They have implemented region-support now! From Currently Intellij IDEA supports two basic types of custom folding comments: NetBeans-like: //<editor-fold desc=”…”> … code … //</editor-fold> And VisualStudio-like: //region <…> … code … //endregion Note that line commenting symbols for “region…endregion” can be changed from “//” to “#” if the ‘#’ character is supported by a … Read more

Intellij commit tab missing?

Two settings control the commit tab: one for its interface and one for its window. You may need to perform either or both steps depending on the state of your intellij. Windows Interface: Settings | Version Control | Commit, then enable Use non-modal commit interface Window: go to Advanced Settings then Enable Commit tool window … Read more

Can’t render component diagram with PlantUML in IntelliJ

On a mac using Intellij, if Intellij cannot find graphviz, testdot doesn’t work and graphviz was installed with brew install graphviz: In Intellij, click the wrench icon on the far right of the menu panel that contains the plantuml view and editor arrangement. Click ‘Open settings’ For ‘Graphviz dot executable’ add /opt/homebrew/bin/dot. Click OK and … Read more