What is the One-Definition Rule?

The truth is in the standard (3.2 One definition rule) : No translation unit shall contain more than one definition of any variable, function, class type, enumeration type or template. […] Every program shall contain exactly one definition of every non-inline function or object that is used in that program; no diagnostic required. The definition … Read more

Difference between list, sequence and slice in Python?

You’re mixing very different things in your question, so I’ll just answer a different question You are now asking about one of the most important interface in Python: iterable – it’s basically anything you can use like for elem in iterable. iterable has three descendants: sequence, generator and mapping. A sequence is a iterable with … Read more

What is a PowerShell NoteProperty?

NoteProperties are generic properties that are created by Powershell (as opposed to properties that are inherited from a specific dotnet object type). Properties of PS custom objects will be NoteProperty, as will the properties of objects created with Import-CSV, or created by using Select-Object and specifying properties to select.

What is a “Java Bean”? [duplicate]

Any serializable java class (implementing java.io.Serializable) that follows specific conventions: a no-argument constructor, and properties accessible via get/set/is accessors. The idea is to make it predictable, so that properties etc can be discovered automatically through reflection – of great help in tool and framework development.

What does the word “semantic” mean in Computer Science context?

Semantics are the meaning of various elements in the program (or whatever). For example, let’s look at this code: int width, numberOfChildren; Both of these variables are integers. From the compiler’s point of view, they are exactly the same. However, judging by the names, one is the width of something, while the other is a … Read more

What is an example of the Single Responsibility Principle? [closed]

The most effective way to break applications is to create GOD classes. Those are classes that keep track of a lot of information and have several responsibilities. One code change will most likely affect other parts of the class and therefore indirectly all other classes that use it. That in turn leads to an even … Read more